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Epilepsy is one of the top neurological disorders affecting people from all walks of life. The term epilepsy means seizure disorders, and it has been used for centuries to describe sudden seizures. Epilepsy is in itself a serious health condition, but it can also lead to other diseases.

Epilepsy is classified as a chronic disorder that arises from consistent and unpredictable seizures. Epilepsy diagnosis is made when a person suffers from at least two unpredictable seizures. The seizures must be caused by something that is not unknown, such as alcohol withdrawal.



People with epilepsy are usually not physically limited in what they can do. During and after a seizure, a person may have trouble moving or doing their usual activity. Some people may have trouble with physical abilities due to other neurological problems. Aside from these problems, a person who is not having a seizure is usually not limited in what they can do physically.

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Epilepsy Matters is an American-based public awareness group with a particular focus on epilepsy. We have been in operation for over 10 years, helping hundreds of people living with epilepsy find peace of mind.


What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that leads to unpredictable seizures.


Do seizures last long?

No. Most seizures last a few seconds, although there are some that last a few minutes.


Is having a seizure equal to suffering from epilepsy?

That is not true. Other medical problems can cause seizures.


What are the causes of epilepsy?

Brain tumors, stroke, and genetic disorders are some of the things that lead to epilepsy. However, the true cause of epilepsy is still unknown.


Are seizures a serious matter?

Most seizures end on their own and cause minimal concerns.


Can you Inherit Epilepsy?

Most children of people with epilepsy do not develop seizures or epilepsy. However, since genes are passed down through families, it is possible.

Everything you need to know.

Medical professionals believe there are different types of seizures, and the condition varies from one person to another. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about epilepsy and how it can be treated. These misconceptions often lead to incorrect treatment, which worsens the situation.

That is why we have created this website to help people know the truth about epilepsy. We hope to explain what causes epilepsy, common symptoms, and how you can reduce its effects. We also post occasional blogs about people living with epilepsy and what they’re doing to live a normal life. Our blogs examine common diseases related to epilepsy and how genetics are involved.

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