We are a national organization dedicated to epilepsy patients. Our mission is to provide research funding, first aid training, public education and community services. We have a kitty dedicated to helping people find more information about epilepsy. This research funding account is open to the public, and anybody can contribute to it. Over the last few years, we have directed hundreds of dollars to research institutions and laboratories dedicated to the study of epilepsy.

We believe that many genetic elements play a key part in the onset of seizures. That is why we are working with anybody who comes up with research findings that support this notion. Moreover, we hope that we will use our blogs to fight the misconceptions about epilepsy. We believe these misconceptions have a serious effect on the people who have epilepsy and may even make the situation worse.

We usually send out newsletters to epilepsy patients to encourage them to ignore any misconception or prejudice they may face because of their condition. We hope you, too, will subscribe to this newsletter or ask somebody who has epilepsy to subscribe to this newsletter.

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