Epilepsy does not receive the same attention other diseases receive. For instance, the media is full of groundbreaking research in cancer treatment and HIV management. In comparison, there is very little information about epilepsy circulating in the mainstream media and on social media.

Our vision is to change this situation and put epilepsy at the forefront of medical research. We believe that the government and non-government organizations will divert more resources to epilepsy research.

Part of our vision is to bring more people into the fight against epilepsy. Many people out there don’t know what epilepsy is but are willing to help if they are given the right resources. By connecting these people to the tools they need, we will be expanding the community of researchers and public advocates. This is critical to achieving our vision of a society where at least half of the population knows what causes epilepsy and how to care for people suffering from the disease. If you also wanted to join this noble cause, you can start here.

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